30 & 31 October

St Edward's School Sports Hall, OXFORD, OX2 7NZ


30 & 31 October

St Edward's School Sports Hall, OXFORD, OX2 7NZ

Demonstrations and Talks

Join us in the beautiful cricket pavilion, designed by famed minimalist architect John Pawson,

for a weekend of demonstrations by a selection of our exhibitors.

All talks and demonstrations are included in your ticket price and do not need to be booked. Seating is allocated on a first come first served basis.

Saturday 30th October

11:00 – John Higgins

John will present a combination of lecture and demo: the lecture simply about the material for inspiration and the demo will be the construction of a large hand built bowl with reference to the source material.

13:00 – Tim Lake

An informal demonstration of some of the techniques Tim uses when handbuilding his slab built trays, platters and wall pieces. He will also be showing some of his methods of mark making and texturing the surfaces of the pieces.

15:00 – Rachel Wood

Rachel will discuss and demonstrate how she throws and assembles the clay to form the building blocks of her sculptural bark vessels to a backdrop of influential images from a 2019 Australian residency.

Sunday 31 October

11:00 – Matthew Blakely ‘Transforming the Earth’

Matthew will present a talk covering making glazes from found materials, also the subject of his new book, covering a brief introduction to geology and its importance in developing glazes from materials that you can find yourself.



13:00 – Jitka Palmer ‘Drama in Clay’

Jitka will demonstrate her technique of slip painting on both sides of an earthenware vessel.

Her pieces are often created around a story and she will touch on the dramatic aspects of firing and ancient rituals that make ceramics so magical and fascinating.

As part of the demonstration she will share her sketchbooks and talk about the way the ideas are developed on a 3D form so the finished piece is full of life, colour and energy.